Author Title Subject
Adrosko, R. Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing Dyeing
Ailen, W.L. Sheep Raising in Canada Miscellaneous
Albers, A. On Weaving Weaving
Alderman, S. Handwoven, Tailormade: Designing, Weaving, Sewing      Clothing/Weaving
Alderman, Sharon Mastering Weave Structure Weaving
Ashford Spinning and Dyeing the Ashford way Spinning
Aspell, A. Cookbook Weaving 1 Weaving
Atwater, M. M. Shuttlecraft Book of American Handweaving Weaving
Atwater, M.M. Byways of Handweaving   (2 copies) Weaving
Barnett, N. Navajo Weaving Way Ethnic
Barrett, C Summer and Winter and Beyond Weaving
Barrett, C. Boundweave Weaving
Barrett, C. Shadow Weave and Corkscrew Weave Weaving
Bateman, W. Basic Weaving I and II Weaving
Bateson, V. Woven Chic (2 copies) Clothing/Design
Battenfield J.  Ikat Technique Dyeing
Beard, B.J. Fashions from  the Loom   Design
Becker, J. Pattern & Loom  (2 copies) Weaving
Beizerman S. Finishes in the Ethnic Tradition  Ethnic/Weave
Beriau, O.A. Home Weaving   (2 copies) Weaving
Bernstein, M. Off-Loom Weaving Weaving
Beutlich, T. Technique of Woven Tapestry Weaving/Tapestry
Binder from Helen Budd Spinning, Dyeing  V Spinning
Black & Loveless Woven Gardens Colours/Design
Black, M. The Key to Weaving Weaving
Black, M. The New Key to Weaving (2 copies) Weaving
Black, M. Thread Guide for Handweavers Weaving
Blakemore, F. Japanese Design Ethnic/Design
Bliss, D. New Baby Knits  (0-3 Years) Knitting
Blumenau, Lili Creative Design in Wall Hangings Design
Blumenthal, B Hands On Dyeing Dyeing
Bonando, W. Crocheting Knit/Crochet
Boswell, T. Rug  Hook Book Rugs
Bourgeouis, A. & E. Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified Knitting
Bradfield, H. The Art of the Spirit Miscellaneous
Bress, H. The Weaving Book: Patterns and Ideas Weaving
Brock, D. The Adventurous Crocheter Knit/Crochet
Brooker, P.B. Embroidering With the Loom Weaving
Brooklyn Botanical Garden  Dye Plants and Dyeing Dyeing
Brostoff, L. Double Weave: Theory and Practice Weaving
Brown, Rachel The Weaving, Spinning & Dyeing Book Weaving
Brss, H. Inkle Weaving Weaving
Bryan, N.G. Navajo Nature Dyes Ethnic/Dyeing
Buchanan, R Weaver’s Garden Dyeing
Burnham, D. The Comfortable Arts: Traditional Weaving and Spinning      Miscellaneous
Burnham, E. & H. Keep Me Warm One Winter’s Night (2 copies) Miscellaneous
Bush, N. Folk Socks Knitting
Buxton-Keenlyside, J. Selected Canadian Spinning Wheels Equipment
Cameron, D. The Dyer’s Complement Dyeing
Casey, Maggie Big and Lofty Yarns   (DVD) Spinning
Cason, M. The Art of Bolivian Highland Weaving Ethnic 
Casselman, K.L. Craft of the Dyer: Colour From Plants to Lichens Dyeing
Castino, R Spinning and Dyeing the Natural Way Spinning/Dye
Chadwick, E. Craft of Handspinning Spinning
Chandler, D Learning to Weave  (2 copies) Weaving
Collingwood, P. Sprang: Techniques of  (2 copies) Weaving
Collingwood, P. Techniques of Rug Weaving  (2 copies) Rugs/Weaving
Collingwood, Peter Peter Collingwood: His Weaves Biography
Convergence Twills: Fabrics That Enhance Our Lives (2 copies) Weaving
Cook, B. Weaving With Antique Fur Weaving
Corriveau, Laurie Travels  Through the Paintbox Colours
Cranley, M. Fulling Around With Felt  (2 copies) Felting
Croot, A. Step- By- Step Guide to Woven Carpets & Rugs Weaving/Rugs
Crouse, G. Hooking Rugs: New Materials/ Techniques Rug Hooking
Cyrus-Zetterstrom Manual of Swedish Weaving Ethnic
D’Harcourt, R. Textiles of Ancient Peru Ethnic
Daugherty, R.T. Splint Woven Basketry  (2 copies) Basketry
Davenport, E Your Handweaving Weaving
Davenport, E. Your Handspinning Spinning
Davis M. Nova Scotia Workbasket: Needlework Knitting
Davison, M.P. Handweaver’s  Pattern Book  (2 copies) Weaving
Davison, M.P. Handweaver’s  Source Book  (2 copies) Weaving
Dryad Press Spinning on the Wheel (Leaflet #532) Spinning
Dryad Press Spinning Wool Spinning
Dryad Press Wool Spinning (Leaflet# 526) Spinning
Duncan, M. Creative Crafts with Wool & Flax Miscellaneous
Eckenwalder, S. The Trials of Jurying Miscellaneous
Emery, I The Primary Structure of Fabric Weaving
Falick, M. Knitting in America Knitting
Fannin, A. Handloom Weaving Technology Weaving
Fannin, A. Handspinning: Art and Technique Spinning
Fasset, K. Glorious Colour: Knitting & Needlepoint Colours/Knitting
Fasset, K. Glorious Knitting Knitting
Fed. Business Bank Minding Your Own Business  (Vol  1 + 2) Miscellaneous
Field, A. Ashford Book of Spinning Spinning
Finlay, Victoria Colour: Travels Through the Paintbox Colours
Folts, T. Inkle Path to Weaving Weaving
Frey, B Designing and Drafting for Handweavers Weaving
Gallinger, Ted Designing and Making Handwoven Rugs Rugs/Weaving
Garrett, C. Warping All By Yourself (2 copies) Weaving
Garrison, W.E. Selling Your Handcrafts Miscellaneous
Gervers, V. (Ed) Studies in Textile History Miscellaneous
Gibson-Roberts, P. Spinning in the Old Way Spinning
Gibson-Roberts, P.A. High Whorling Spinning
Gibson-Roberts, P.A. Knitting in the Old Way Knitting
Gibson-Roberts,P.A. Socks & Stockings (Design Technique) Knitting
Gold Ed’n A Hundred and One Questions for Spinners Spinning
Goldstein, N. The Art of Responsive Drawing Miscellaneous
Gordon, B. The Final Steps: Finishing Cloth by Hand Weaving
Grae, I. Nature’s Colors: Dyes From Plants Dyeing
Graham, M. Fundamentals of Weaving  Binders #1, #2, #3 Weaving
Greenfield, Amy B. A Perfect Red History/Dyeing 
Groff R.E. 200 Patterns for Multiple Harness Looms Weaving
Groff, R.E. Sectional Warping MadeEasy Weaving
Groff, R.E. 200 Patterns for Multiple Harness  Looms Weaving
Hamaker, B. Clothing: A Handwoven Approach Design 
Hamlyn House (Pub) Golden Hands Miscellaneous
Hamlyn, P. Tapestries From Egypt Ethnic/Tapestry
Hansen, R. Fox & Geese & Fences—Mittens Knitting
Harvey, N. Tapestry Weaving,  Comprehensive Study Guide Weaving
Harvey, V.  (Ed) Multiple Tabby Weaves Weaving
Hemmings,  Jessica Warp and Weft Weaving
Hemmings, Jessica Warp and Weft Weaving
Hill, A. Swedish Weaving Weaving
Hochberg Handspinners Hand Book (2 copies) Spinning
Holland, N Inkle Loom Weaving Weaving
Hoppe, E. Carding, Spinning, Dyeing Spinning
Hornafius, Pat Country Rugs Weaving
Horne, B. Fleece in Your Hands  (2 copies)  Spinning
Howard, C.  (Ed) Textile Crafts Miscellaneous
Hutchins, J. (Ed) Fiberarts Design Book II Design
Ica-Forlaget Flemish Weaving  Ethnic
Interweave Press  HANDWOVEN’S  Design Collection  #1 Simple Summer Tops (2 copies) Weaving
Interweave Press  HANDWOVEN’S  Design Collection  #2 Table Linens Weaving
Interweave Press  HANDWOVEN’S  Design Collection  # 4 Outerwear   (2 copies) Weaving
Interweave Press  HANDWOVEN’S  Design Collection  # 10  Terrific Table Toppers Weaving
Interweave Press  HANDWOVEN’S  Design Collection  # 11 Heirloom Table Linens Weaving
Interweave Press  HANDWOVEN’S  Design Collection  # 12  Great Coverups Weaving
Interweave Press  HANDWOVEN’S  Design Collection  # 13 Super Simple Tops Weaving
Interweave Press  HANDWOVEN’S  Design Collection  # 15 Sensational Scarves Weaving
Interweave Press  HANDWOVEN’S  Design Collection  # 16  Kitchen Collection Weaving
Interweave Press  HANDWOVEN’S  Design Collection  # 17 Jackets and  Pullovers Weaving
Interweave Press  Handwoven: Scarves Weaving
Itten, J. The Art of Color Colours
Jackson, C. Colour Me Beautiful Colours
Jane’s Sheepish Things Knitting With Homespun Knitting
Jay. A. Building Craft Equipment Equipment
Jensen, E. Baskets from Nature’s Bounty Basketry
Jerstorp, K. The Textile Design Book Design
Johansson, L Damask & Opphamta Weaving
Johnston, M.P. ?Design on Fabric Design
Jubilee Guilds/ Newfoundland Weaving Patterns Weaving
Kahn, D. Handspun Project Book Spinning
Kent K.P. West African Cloth Ethnicl
Kluger, M. Joy of Spinning  (2 copies) Spinning
Kolander, C. Hemp For Textile Artists Miscellaneous
Kolander, C. A Silk Worker’s Notebook Cultural
Kranz, S. Design Continuum Design
Krochmal, A.& C. Complete Book of Dyes From Natural Sources Dyeing
Kroll, C. Putting on the Dog Spinning
Kroll, C. The Whole Craft of Spinning Spinning
Kroncke, G. Simple Weaving Weaving
K-W Guild Minerva’s Notebook on Spinning and Dyeing(2 copies) Spinning/Dye
Lambert, P. Color and Fiber Colours
Landis, L. Twill and Twill Derivatives  (2 copies) Weaving
Lanthrop-Smith Natural Dyes (2 copies) Dyeing
Larsen, J. Fabrics for Interiors Miscellaneous
Larsen, J.L. The Dyer’s Art Dyeing
Larson L. Software for Weavers Weaving
Larson, J.L. Interfacing: The Elemental Fabric Weaving
Laughlin, M.E. More Than Four Weaving
Leadbeater, Eliza Spinning and Spinning Wheels (Shire 43 Album) Spinning
Leclerc, R. Warp and Weave   (2 copies) Weaving
Leman, B. Quick and Easy Quilting Miscellaneous
Lesotho Gov’t Tapestries From Lesotho Ethnic/Tapestry
Lewandowski,  M. Folk Mittens Knitting
Liebler, B. Hands On Weaving Weaving
Ligon, L Homespun Handknit  (2 copies) Knitting
Ligon, L. (Ed) Rug Weaver’s Source Book Rugs, Weaving
Lloyd, L. Fine Fleece Spinning
Maguire, Isobel Weaving Equipment, Patterns & Instructions  (small book)      Weaving
Martin, G. Approaching Design Through Nature Design
Mathews, K.  Fiberarts  Design Book III Design
Mathews, S.I. Needle-made Rugs Rugs
Mayer, A.L. Clothing From the Hands That Weave Design
McDowell, G. Lace Weaving Weaving
McGrath, J. Dyes From Lichens & Plants (Canadian) Dyeing
Meany, J. Rag Rug handbook Rugs,Weaving
Meech, S. Cashmere: A Complete Guide to Fibre and Fashion Fibres
Meilach, D. How to Create Your Own Designs: An Intro to Color           Colours/Design
Meilach, D. Modern Approach to Basketry Basketry
Menz,D Color in Spinning Colours/Spinning
Miles, Vera Practical Four Shaft Weaving Weaving
Miles, Vera Weaving Patterns for the Two –Way  Loom (2 copies)   Weaving
Moorman, T. Weaving: An Art Form  (2 Copies) Weaving
Muller, D. Handwoven Laces Weaving
Naumann, R. The Off-Loom Weaving Book (2 copies) Weaving
Nieuhoff,  C. Contemporary Lace Making Miscellaneous
Northfork Press Jeanne’s List of Natural Dye Materials and the Colors…         Colours/Dyeing
O,Connor, P.R. Twill of Your Choice Weaving
O.H.S. O.H.S. Canadian Centennial Book 1967 Weaving
O.H.S.  1956-79 The Book of Giving    (2 copies) Miscellaneous
Oberle C. Folk Shawls Knitting
Oelsner G.H. Handbook of Weaves   (2 copies) Weaving
Ont. H.& S. Focus on Handwoven Fabric Weaving
Osterkamp, P. New Guide to Weaving: Warping Weaving
Osterkamp, Peggy Warping Your Loom Weaving
Osterkamp, Peggy Warping Your Loom & Laying on New Warps Weaving
Overman, Ruth Contemporary Handweaving Weaving
Palmer, J. Dyeing With Natural Dyes Dyeing
Patrick, J. Handwoven Treasury Weaving
Pauli, K. Care and Feeding of Spinning Wheels Equipment
Paz, O. In Praise of Hands Miscellaneous
Pendleton, Mary Navajo  2 Hopi Weaving Techniques Ethnic
Pennington, F. Sixteen- Harness Patterns  } Weaving
Pennington, F.A. 16-Harness Patterns Weaving
Pennington,.F.A. 16-Harness Patterns Weaving
Plath, I. Craft of Handweaving Weaving
Potter Textiles:  Fiber to Fabric Miscellaneous
Potter, Corbman Fibre to Fabric  (2 copies) Miscellaneous
Powell, M. 1000 + Patterns in 4,6, & 8 Harness Shadow Weaves Weaving
Pownall, G. Spinning and Weaving  (2 copies)             Spinning
Pysolo, Helvi, & Merisolo Handweaving Patterns from Finland Ethnic
Queen’s Printer, Ottawa Weaving For Beginners Weaving
R.O.M. Touched By Indigo Miscellaneous
Rainey, S Weaving Without a Loom Weaving
Rainey, S. Weaving Without a Loom Weaving
Raven, L. Hands On Spinning Spinning
Rawson, P. The Art of Drawing Miscellaneous
Redman, J. Frame Loom Weaving Weaving
Regensteiner, E. The Art of Weaving  (2 copies) Weaving
Regensteiner, E. Weaver’s Study Course  (2 Copies) Weaving
Reichard, G.A. Navajo Shepherd and Weaver Ethnic
Rester ,  Weaving a Life: The Story of Mary Meigs Atwater Biography
Revault J. Design: 2 Patterns from North African Carpets& Textiles       Ethnic
Revault, J. North African Carpets & Textiles Ethnic/Design
Robinson, S. Contemporary Basketry Basketry
Rogers, C.M. A Loom to Build Equipment
Roghaar (Ed) & Wolf, M (Ed) Knit Lit. Stories About Knitting History
Ross, M. Essentials of Yarn Design Spinning
Roth Fels, J. Picture Framing Miscellaneous
Roth, B. Handbook of Timesaving Tables Spinning
Rowe, M. Knitted Tams Knitting
Rush, H. Sweaters by Hand Knitting
Russell, E. Off-Loom Weaving Weaving
Rutt, T. History of Handknitting Knitting
Samuel, C. The Chilkat Dancing Blanket Ethnic
Scarlett, J. How to Weave Fine Cloth Weaving
Schultz, Kathleen Create Your Own Natural Dyes Dyeing
Scott, Shirley Canada Knits Knitting
Searles, N.N. Techniques of Freeform Design Design
Siler, L. The Basket Book Basketry
Simmons, P. Spinning and Weaving With Wool Spinning
Simmons, P. Spinning For Softness and Speed Spinning
Sjobers, G.P. New Directions For Felt Felting
Skjoldebrand, I. Treasure Chest of Swedish Weaving Ethnic
Skowronski, H & Reddy,M. Sprang Thread Twisting, a Creative Textile Technique Weaving
Smith, F.B. Inkle Loom Weaving Weaving
Snow, M. & W. Step-By Step Tablet Weaving Weaving
Snyder, M.E. Crackle Weaves Weaving
Snyder, M.E. Lace and Lacey Weaves Weaving
Sommer M Wearable Crafts Clothing
Sommer, M. Wearable Crafts Design
Spencer A. Spinning and Weaving at Upper Canada Village Spinning
Starmore, A. Celtic Collection Ethnic/Knitting
Steedsman, Nell Pattern on a Plain Weave Weaving
Stockton, J. Designer’s Guide to Colour,  I, 2, 3  (3 books) Colours/Design
Stove, M. Handspinning, Dyeing & Working With Merino Spinning
Strache, W. Forms & Patterns in Nature Design
Straub, M. Handweaving and Cloth Design Weaving
Strickler, C. American Woven Coverlets Weavers
Strickler, C. Weaving in Miniature Weaving
Sunset Books Weaving Techniques and  Projects Weaving
Sutton, A. Color and Weave Design Colours/Weaving
Sutton, A. Structure of Weaving Weaving
Svinicki, E. Step-By Step Spinning and Dyeing Spinning/ Dye
Svinicki, Eunice Spinning & Dyeing Step By Step Spinning/Dye
Swanson, M. A Gathering of Lace Weaving 
Switzer, C Spinning Llama & Alpaca Spinning
Tamosaitiene, A. Lithuanian Sashes Ethnic
Teal, P. {Hand Woolcombing & Spinning Spinning
Thompson, F. Harris Tweed  (2 copies) Weaving
Thomson, F.P. Tapestry: Mirror of History Ethnic/Tapestry
Thorpe, H. Handweaver’s Work Book  (2 copies) Weaving
Threads Knitting Around the World Knitting
Tidball, H. 2-Harness Textiles Weaving
Tidball, H. Contemporary  Satins Weaving
Tidball, H. Contemporary Tapestry Weaving
Tidball, H. Double weave: Plain and Patterned Weaving
Tidball, H. Handwoven Specialties Weaving
Tidball, H. Summer and Winter  (2 copies) Weaving
Tidball, H. Two-Harness Textiles, Openwork Weave Weaving
Tidball, H. Undulating Web Effects Weaving
Tidball, H. The Weaver’s  Book Weaving
Tidball, H. The Weaver’s Book of Scottish Tartans Weaving
Tidball, H. Weaver’s Wordfinder Weaving
Tidball, H. Woollens and Tweeds Weaving
Tod, O.G. Joy of Handweaving  (2 copies) Weaving
Tod, O.G. Rug Weaving for Everyone (2 copies) Rugs, Weaving
Tovey, J. Technique of Weaving Weaving
Tovey, J. Weaves and Pattern Drafting Weaving
Trotzig, L. Weaving Bands  (2 copies) Weaving
Turner, A.R. Finger Weaving Weaving
Ukranian Institute Tkanyna:  Ukranian Weaving Ethnic
Unicorn Books Jamieson’s Shetland Knitting Book 2 Knitting
Univ. of Newfoundland/Labrador Grass Work of Labrador Ethnic
Van der Hoogt, M. (Ed) Best of “Weaver’s  Huck Lace Weaving
Van der Hoogt, M. (Ed) Best of “Weaver’s” Twill Thrills Weaving
Van Stralen, T. Indigo, Madder and Marigold Dyeing
Varney, D. Spinning Designer Yarns Spinning
Varney, D. Spinning Designer Yarns, Spinning
Vav Magasinet Weaver’s Delight Weaving
Vinroot, S. The New Dyer  (2 copies) Dyeing
Von Rosentiel Loom Construction Equipment
Walker-Phillips, Mary Step-By-Step Macrame  (2 copies) Miscellaneous
Waller, I Weaving Weaving
Waller, I. Designing With Thread Design
Waller, I. Fine art Weaving Weaving
Wassef, R. Woven By Hand Weaving
Waterman, M. Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls Knitting
Wayland-Barber, E. Women’s Work: The First 20,000 Years Knitting
Weavers Guild, Baltimore Sixty Scarves in Sixty years Weaving
Weigle, C.P. Double Weave: Exercises & Projects Weaving
Welch, N. Tassels: The Fanciful Embellishments Miscellaneous
Weltge, S.W. Women’s Work Miscellaneous
Wenstob, B. Floracolore: Natural Dyes, Herbal & Indian Lore (2 copies)      Dyeing
Wertenberger, K. 8,12 20 An Introduction to  Multishaft Weaving Weaving
Wertenberger, K. 8, 12, 20: An Introduction to Multishaft Weaving Weaving
Wertenberger, K. Introduction to Multishaft Weaving Weaving
West V.M.  Finishing Touches for the Handweaver Weaving
West, V. Weaver’s Wearables  (2 Copies) Design
Wilson, E.  Erica Wilson’s Embroidery Book Miscellaneous
Wilson, J Pile weaves, ( Revised edition) Weaving
Wilson, J. Pile Weaves  Weaving
Wilson, J. Soumack Workbook Weaving
Wilson, J. Weaving is Creative (2 Copies) Weaving
Wilson, J. Weaving is For Anyone  (2 copies) Weaving
Wilson, J. Weaving You Can Use Weaving
Wilson, J. Weaving You Can Wear Weave/Design
Windeknect, M.B. Creative Monk’s Belt Weaving 
Winslow, H.L. More on Moorman Biography
Wittenberg, B. Alternatives to the Fig Leaf  (2 copies) Design
Wolchonok, Louis Design for Artists & Craftsmen Design 
Woods, D. Handwoven Christmas Cards Weaving
Worst, E. Foot treadle Loom Weaving Weaving
Worst, E.  Weaving With Foot Power Looms Weaving
Worst, E. Weaving With Foot  Power Looms Weaving
Zielinski, S.A. Encyclopedia of Handweaving  (2 copies) Weaving
Zielinski, S.A. MASTER WEAVER LIBRARY  (Vol 1-8, 10-22) Weaving
Znamierowski, N. Step- By- Step  Rug Making Rugs
Znamierowski, N. Step-By-Step Weaving (2 copies) Weaving
Znamierowski, N. Step-By-Step Weaving: A Complete Intro to… Weaving
Prairie Wool Companion Miscellaneous
Sally Myles Styles Knitting
Textiles Art Index: 1950 – 1987 Miscellaneous